We're Kilig.

The naturality of farming experience meets with professionalism of the corporateness.
Establishments in Aydın, best suppliers all around the country.

About Us

Kilig Food
is a family company established on the farming experience of the previous generations and the corporate experience of the current generation. Kilig Food is located in Aydın, known as a fertile land of Turkey famous with its’ strawberry, fig and chestnut production and supply to the world. You can find the best quality strawberries with different green house technologies in Aydın, also %60 of the world fig production and most of the national chestnut production is in Aydın. Beside those benefits, Manisa is our neighbour city so we are very close to best quality sweet cherries and sultana, red globe, supereor grapes.

We are professional, reliable exporter & supplier, still farmer and healthy food lover. With the experiences gained through a lifetime spent in the fields, farmer family seeks out the best quality products throughout the country and builds strong relationships with farmers to ensure that each and every item we supply is the absolute finest of the country. But still we make a great effort for the quality & control purpose to double check and make sure that each item is supplied as it is supposed to be.

Our Mission

is to inspire healthier communities by sharing and promoting healthy, great tasting products in their most natural and whole states, through building reliable business associates all around the world.

Our Vision

is to be a company identified with great taste, great service, trust and a healthy life.

Everything you need, right in one place


We have reliable partners that supply the best fresh and dried fruits raised in Turkey, which enables us to offer our customers a huge variety of products in one hand.

Starting from the farm to your door, we always do our best for a smooth and steady supply by working with professionals and in a cooperation with you before and after sale. We would love to welcome you to professional, cheerful and healthy world of Kilig Food.